Friday, 4 April 2014

Flashback II Event, Nottingham

The Stalls & Workshopsby Piplotex, Sunshine, Spinster’s Emporium, Love U More, The Bun Tin, & many others!
The Fashion Show
by Frock, Oxfam in Hockley, Sue Ryder in Hockley, Abigail Joyce, Piplotex & many more!
[above – the lovely ladies from the Frock catwalk show in their tailor made dresses]

[above – some of the outfits from Piplotex]
Below are my three favourite outfits from the evenings catwalk fashion show! The end two are by Piplotex, and the middle is by Frock.
flashback catwalk
The Flashback II event in Nottingham last week was, in my opinion, fantastically fun!
The evening started off with a taster session of swing dancing by Happy Feet, which was so lively and everyone who got involved clearly enjoyed themselves! I for one would love to have a go!
After the dancing, I spent some time looking around the lovely stalls and workshops. Spinster’s Emporium held their own free customising workshop where they had all sorts of haberdashery to transform your clothing. There were several stalls with accessories, both vintage and vintage repro. For example, Love U More were selling their bespoke upcycled accessories such as floral hair pieces and cute bracelets.
I treated myself to some bangles and a hair flower from one of the stalls!
Shortly afterwards, the vintage fashion show commenced, featuring pieces from brands mentioned above such as Piplotex and Frock which were my personal favourites. The Mexican inspired outfit on the left was by far my favourite outfit of the whole night!
After the fashion show, music was played long into the night and I wish I could have stayed longer; the evening really was great and I hope to see another event coming up again soon!
With special thanks to Clementine Paro who organised the whole evening.
Read more about the event here in a previous post!
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Friday, 21 March 2014

Vintage Scarf Tutorials; Guest Post by Dear Thirty

Today, I'm excited to share with you blogger Emma Cherry of Dear Thirty, who has wrote this wonderful post on how to wear a scarf - vintage-style - in your hair! 



With Summer fast approaching here in the UK; it feels somewhat appropriate to talk about ways to keep cool. A head scarf is an ideal solution to keep a vintage inspired look, yet keeping your hair off your face. They are also perfect for covering and concealing unruly hair.

My name is Emma Cherry and I write a little vintage blog called Dear Thirty. I have been invited by the lovely Beth to guest post here on Beauty Thrill. Happy to be here :)

As a vintage girl in summer, I often suffer with my make-up melting, my freshly pin curled hair falling out after just 2 minutes in the sun. Don't get me wrong, I simply love the sun on my face. It's just hard to look fabulous sporting a sweat moustache!

Usually, when the weather is hot; I never leave the house without a headscarf and a few bobby pins tucked away in my bag. Hair problems can be easily rectified with a few simple scarf styling techniques.

Here I'll show you step-by-step how you can use a simple vintage scarf to style your hair in various ways to: cover, yet compliment ~ and of course, stay looking fabulous!




and once you've faffed around with different scarf styles, you may just want to wrap the scarf - Bridget Jones Style around your head! Just a thought ;)



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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Flashback II–Vintage Event; Guest Post by Clementine Paro

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you more about an upcoming vintage event in the East Midlands organised by the fabulous Clementine Paro, who wrote this post.


blog pic

I originally came from France where there are many independent shops and boutiques. Being passionate about the individuality of fashion, art and creativity, I had the idea of linking local boutiques, talented artists, designers, musicians and hand crafters.

While looking for participants I came across so many vintage boutiques and designers, that I decided to a vintage theme by organising an evening of vintage Fashion, Music and Dancing and bring vintage lovers together.

Flashback is a series of events organised to present vintage fashion shows accompanied by live music, dancing and offering attendees the chance to discover vintage items from designers and boutiques’ stalls.

These events aim to promote local businesses and talented artists such as designers, musicians and dancers in order to embrace creativity and individuality in Nottingham. Also, Flashback events create business network opportunities between participants and attendees and entertain the local community. I am trying to personalise the promotion so the individuality and personality of the boutiques/designers/artists are emphasised and can be expressed through a fashion show that presents each boutiques/designers collection.

In 2011, boutiques and designers presented glamorous Christmas Special collections and acted as a vintage fashion guide for potential customers. Flashback II, will present colourful Spring/Summer collection of the boutiques and designers.

Whether you like interesting original vintage clothes or like to follow the trends wearing vintage clothes that have an edgy look, there will be always something for you at Flashback events.

Flashback is now coming back in 2014 as Flashback II on Thursday 27th March 2014 at the Lace House bar (NG1 1LL) from 7:00pm till late in Nottingham city centre.
Fresh Spring/Summer Vintage looks will be on show at the Lace House bar which is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Nottingham’s historic Lace Market.

This year there will be also a fashion customising workshop, Lindy Hop/Charleston Fun class a vintage hairstyle and a make artists, artworks, a blues and swing/Gypsy bands and the sweet teeth will be able to taste home made cupcakes.

Flashback II

Come to enjoy a Vintage Evening of Fashion, Music and Dancing!

27th March 2014 @ The Lacehouse from 7:00 till 2am

Flashback II is proud to announce that this year there will be

-  A FREE fashion customising workshop by Spinster's Emporium - bring your own clothes to customise! 

- A FREE Lindy Hop/Charleston taster class by Nottingham Swing Dance Society !

- A FREE vintage Hairstyle and make-over With Make Up By Jenni & Alison Jenner Hair!

Some of the participants:

- Boutiques as Vintage 2 Versace, Abigail Joyce Vintage, Love U More or Sunshine will present original sourced clothing, accessories, and Jewellery items from the era of 20 to 80’s.

- Designers: Callecia J Brown designs beautiful Victorian inspired clothes, Designer from Frock tailors lovely very fresh and fun dresses from 50-60’s style and Piplotex designer who will launch her first collection of clothes twisted mid century.

- Charity shops: Sur Ryder/ Oxfam present their exclusive clothes donated by their customers.

- Fashion Customising Workshop run by Spinster’s Emporium- specialist in sourcing very best of in vintage fabric, buttons, wall paper. She will teach you how to customize your clothes, bring own clothes to be customized. For the competition, everyone who takes part in the workshop will be put into a prize draw to win a Spinster's Emporium Customising Goody Bag full of fabrics, trims, buttons, threads and a handmade needle case. 

2014 Programme

7:00 – 7:30 Lindy Hop/Charleston Fun class

7:00- 8:00 Fashion Customizing workshop

8:00- 8:40 Fashion show

9:00- 9:45 Three Minute Heist -  Live band 

10:00- 10:40 Manières des bohémiens -  Live band

10:45 Raffle prizes

10:50 Swing Dance Cabaret

11:00- 11:40 Manières des bohémiens

11: 40- 2     ’Genre Clash' DJs

Bands Line up:
Blues- Three minute Heist >

Swing/Gypsy- Maniere des Bohémiens >

DJ's Genre Clash - 100% Vinyles !

Two DJ's will mix a vinyl set in tandem. The music is an eclectic mix from all over the world. Whatever you preferred genre or era, let yourself go!


Entry fees: £8 / £6 for students (Must bring student ID on the night)

Online tickets available at (£1 fee)

Tickets available at Oxfam/ Sue Ryder Goosegate (NG1 1FF) and Frock (NG1 4HJ)

Dress Code Encouraged: Vintage


Flashback 2013 Square for web


To discover more about the boutiques/designer please visit
‘Like’ Flashback at

Find out more about the previous Flashback event at


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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Makeup Collection Favourites; Guest Post by Bed in the Kitchen

This is the first of the guest posts that I have scheduled for the next few days while I’m away.
Today, I am delighted to share with you this lovely post by
Jaye Rockett of Bed in the Kitchen, giving us an insight into her makeup favourites!


Makeup Favourites

I’ve never done a ‘makeup collection favourites’ post on my blog because these are products I talk about so much I’m pretty sure all of my followers are sick of hearing about them. However, I do feel like I need one more post, to rave about these products that I just adore, so when Beth asked me to do a guest post this was the first post that popped into my head.

Now when I say these products are favourites, I honestly mean that if I lost these products, I’d go straight out and repurchase them!

So let’s start with a foundation that I’m now on my sixth bottle of. I picked up the Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless foundation on a whim a few years back, and haven’t looked back. It’s definitely a full coverage foundation, so it’s not something I wear everyday, but when I want my skin to look flawless, or my makeup to last all day, I always reach for this. The colour match is perfect for my skin, and the finish is matte, but not matte in a way that unnatural or cakey. I honestly can’t sing my praises for this enough!

I probably wear eyeshadow five days out of seven so a good base for them is really important to me. Ever since I bought it, I’ve been obsessed with the MAC Painterly Paint Pot. It’s super creamy but it sets, staying put easily for the whole day, and the colour means that eyeshadows look even more pigmented.

I have an excessive amount of eyeshadow palettes in my collection, but I always end up going back to my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I find that cooler toned shades definitely suit my skin more than warmer ones, so this palette is kind of perfect for me. Urban Decay shadows are my favourite (with NARS coming in a close second), they have the most incredible shade range, and the formulas are so buttery soft and intensely pigmented. Although I have all three Naked palettes, I always end up reaching for the 2, I think it has the most variety of shades. I particularly love YDK and Busted together!

Mascara is something I flit between lots, I have pretty decent eyelashes, they’re really long, quite thick and they’re naturally quite curly, I just like something to give them a little oomph. I love the YSL Shocking mascara, but on a day to day basis I always reach for the L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara, it’s got fibres in that attach to your lashes, adding volume and length, whilst still looking natural. The brush has a lot of tightly packed bristles so it really separates each lash, stopping it from looking clumpy! I’m not usually one for plastic wands but this is my exception! Even my boyfriend comments when I wear this, and he’s pretty oblivious.

I’ve never been much of a brows person, mine are pretty unruly, they don’t grow where I want them too, but spread like wildfire where I don’t. I never really found a product that was natural enough for me, I needed a little help filling in the sparse areas, but I’m not one for a bold brow, so I spent ages flitting between products until I found the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil. One end is a thin brush that releases a sheer tint, perfect for drawing in hairs where yours are sparse, and then the other is a waxy, taupe brown pencil that is great for adding subtle definition, whilst still looking incredibly natural. My brows but better.

For cheeks, I fell in love with NARS blushes around six months ago, and haven’t look back. I always found that no matter how pretty and pigmented a blush was, it would have disappeared from my cheeks by lunchtime, but NARS blushes totally changed that for me. I have an obscene amount of them now, but my absolute favourite is the shade Day Dream, it’s a super pretty, girly, shimmery pink, the sort of blush shade that goes with everything, and I love it!

I could have picked out a thousand and one lip products to talk about, but this is already getting pretty long. When it came down to it, there were two I know I would go out and repurchase immediately if I ever lost them. The first is the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Let’s Get Naked, a colour I really didn’t think I’d love. It’s a peachy toned nude (it’s much more nude on the lips than it looks in the barrel), the sort of shade I never in a million years thought would look good on me, but actually, every time I’ve worn this (and I’ve worn it a lot) someone has complimented me on it. The formula is really creamy and pigmented, but still lasts really well on the lips.
The other product I wanted to mention is less of a shade and more of a range. I fell head over heels for the reformulated Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks back in August, I don’t have any other lipsticks that compare. The formula is just really incredible, they stay put all day, even after a burger and endless cups of coffee, and the colours are amazing. The one photographed is Streak, which is the colour I’m currently obsessed with, but I go in phases, I also love Turn On and Fiend. These really are my favourite lipsticks!
Wow okay so that was a lot longer than it was meant to be! I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what your favourites are, I always want something new to try!

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday Manicure #8–Something Fancy


After having an awful time over the weekend with a sickness bug, I felt the need to do my nails a bit fancy and colourful to brighten myself up this morning. I used to do my nails in all different designs all the time only a year back, but have slipped into the routine of using a plain colour most weeks; however, I feel like trying out some different nail art looks in the weeks to come!

I started this look by using one coat of Revlon’s Colorstay Nail Enamel in ‘Rich Raspberry’ all over my nails, a personal favourite!
Once this had dried, I used Nails Inc’s Foil polish in ‘South Kensington’ to paint a sort of curve across my nails, sweeping from roughly the centre of the bottom part of my nail and taking it in a curved line towards the tip, as seen above, filling in the area as I went.
I finished this look off with Nails Inc’s Holographic topcoat over the silver foil, which the camera has thankfully caught quite wonderfully!

I had lots of fun with this look, expect more like this to come! ;)

What’s on your nails this week?

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lush Buffy Body Butter

lush buffy

After hearing lots of fantastic things about this little block of body butter, I popped into Lush to grab ‘Buffy’ and find out what all the fuss was about.

Lush’s body butters work differently to the usual ones you find on the market; instead of being a cream in a tub, Lush’s are in solid form, packed with loads of exfoliating and moisturising ingredients. Buffy uses ground rice and almonds to exfoliate skin, whilst essential oils, cocoa and shea butters replenish moisture.

After washing, while your skin is still wet, rub Buffy (or any other of Lush’s other body butters) in circular motions wherever you want to reveal smooth, moisturised skin; I love using this over my whole body, but particularly on my legs that get quite dry. After rinsing your skin and getting out of the bath/shower, just pat dry your skin so as not to rub away all of that lovely moisture!

Buffy is really scrubby and does a great job of exfoliating skin. Whilst using this, skin begins to glow as circulation is improved. After rinsing, you will feel a slight oily residue on your skin; I personally love to be able to feel the moisture on my skin, but bare it in mind if you like yours to sink in immediately as Buffy may not be for you.

After drying off, skin feels amazingly smooth and soft – I adore it!! The moisture lasts all day long and really soothes my dry, irritable skin, making it feel incredibly comfortable.

Buffy is great for people with dry or sensitive skin. It’s also a little miracle for those of you that can’t be bothered to moisturise straight out of the bath or shower. Personally, I like to get straight into my pyjamas after a warm bath!

The only downside of this product for me is that I want to repurchase the larger size as I love it so much, but it’s difficult to store as Lush’s tins only fit the small body butters! I currently have mine on a little soap dish at the side of the bath, but it means I can’t take it with me if I go away anywhere.

You can buy Buffy from Lush stores nationwide or online here; £6.25 for the small one, and £10.75 for the larger.

What are your favourites from Lush? Do you love Buffy as much as I do?

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Red Review #1–Lime Crime Glamour 101

lime crime glamour 101 (5)
lime crime glamour 101 (1)

lime crime glamour 101 (2)

Today, I’m introducing you to a new occasional feature on my blog – The Red Review.
The Red Review will feature different red lipsticks, it will showcase the colour, formula, longevity and so on. As a lover of vintage/rockabilly style, I tend to find myself wearing a lot of red lipsticks to match the whole look that I go for. So now I will be sharing with you my ever growing collection of ravishing reds!

First up is Lime Crime’s Glamour 101; this is the perfect vintage/retro glamour red! It is a deep, dark, blue toned red which will suit most skin tones and will make teeth look whiter.

When using this lipstick, I tend to apply one layer of it, blot, then apply another. It lasts very well without bleeding or fading until you eat or drink, then you will probably need to reapply, unless perhaps you use a straw. I would also recommend a good lip liner whenever you are wearing any red lipstick.

Glamour 101 is really creamy and incredibly pigmented; it glides on effortlessly. They are incomparable to any other lipstick I have used. This lipstick also has a sweet smell to it, a little like vanilla or chocolate cake, similar to Mac lipsticks.

The packaging of Lime Crime’s lipsticks are adorable. They are easy to pick out from the rest of my lipsticks as the tube is purple with a holo-graphic silver unicorn on it! It’s super girly!

I really love this lipstick, I think it’s so glamorous and sexy, it’s one that I find myself reaching for pretty often!

You can buy Lime Crimes’ Glamour 101 here from Cocktail Cosmetics online.

Keep your eye out for more Red Reviews to come! What red lipsticks do you love?

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