Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Red Review #1–Lime Crime Glamour 101

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Today, I’m introducing you to a new occasional feature on my blog – The Red Review.
The Red Review will feature different red lipsticks, it will showcase the colour, formula, longevity and so on. As a lover of vintage/rockabilly style, I tend to find myself wearing a lot of red lipsticks to match the whole look that I go for. So now I will be sharing with you my ever growing collection of ravishing reds!

First up is Lime Crime’s Glamour 101; this is the perfect vintage/retro glamour red! It is a deep, dark, blue toned red which will suit most skin tones and will make teeth look whiter.

When using this lipstick, I tend to apply one layer of it, blot, then apply another. It lasts very well without bleeding or fading until you eat or drink, then you will probably need to reapply, unless perhaps you use a straw. I would also recommend a good lip liner whenever you are wearing any red lipstick.

Glamour 101 is really creamy and incredibly pigmented; it glides on effortlessly. They are incomparable to any other lipstick I have used. This lipstick also has a sweet smell to it, a little like vanilla or chocolate cake, similar to Mac lipsticks.

The packaging of Lime Crime’s lipsticks are adorable. They are easy to pick out from the rest of my lipsticks as the tube is purple with a holo-graphic silver unicorn on it! It’s super girly!

I really love this lipstick, I think it’s so glamorous and sexy, it’s one that I find myself reaching for pretty often!

You can buy Lime Crimes’ Glamour 101 here from Cocktail Cosmetics online.

Keep your eye out for more Red Reviews to come! What red lipsticks do you love?

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  1. The colour suits you so much you look beautiful, I can't wait to get some dollar so I can place an order xx

  2. love this shade, i can't go a day without lipstick and haven't heard of these so will definitely check them out!
    anna, styleskittle xx


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